Racing through graveyards, running down open paths and under bridges. Ripped tights, patched jackets. This was my shoot with Caitlin. She was such a lovely girl to work with and was up for all of my ideas. These are some of the best images from the shoot.

I guess this is just a silly self portrait that i took & yes these are my real glasses, which usually get swapped for contacts.

I finnished year one of college today, my exams start next week but it also means i dont have to go in everyday. I kind of like that thought, i'll hopefully be able to get out and take some more pictures! My 17th is coming up rather quickly (19th May) and i'm finding it hard to believe i'm gradually turning into an adult, at heart i don't think i will ever be able to grow up.
My head's too busy in the clouds.

When i can drive i thrive to explore hidden places which i have never been.
Pass through country roads, window rolled down and wind in my hair. Listening to my favorite tracks. I'll park up with with friends or my lover and watch the sunset from faraway fields and on hill tops.
I realise thats what being 17 will mean. I'll adventure to my hearts content and capture as much as i can see.


A postponed post due to various things going on in my life right now. I got the chance to photograph legendary blogger Guna Campbell, one morning a few weeks back. She's as crazy and beautiful as one might see on screen, which made this shoot a lot of fun for me. We ran around colchester snapping away, which left me with the choice of so many images. My brain was a little frazzled.

These are a few of my personal favorites from the shoot.

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