A misty murky overcast day. Wind battering down, birds flying for shelter. This was our day. The day of feild walking, tree climbing madness. Hair flickering like fire.

This beautiful girl, the life and soul of the party is my dear friend Katinka. Since we were just about walking we danced around the garden with the hosepipe, sung along to our favorite tunes and spent our birthdays, which are so close together, in a limo.

The rain hammered down that day, without shelter or anything to cover up, we decided to keep shooting, keep running against the wind. We battled the fast flowing tears from the sky with open arms.

Although the rain was unplanned, we ended up with some snapshots that i were really quite happy about. Katinka, being her shy innocent self, hid away from looking at the images. I thank this girl for being so gorgeous and for being my friend, I hope that we will have many more stories in the future that can be told.

I have never been much of a self portrait person, however i feel like now is the time to push my boundries and try somthing new.

Ever since i were little, people told my parents i didn't pay attention. I got behind in school because i was constantly caught staring out of windows and drawing on my notepads. My imagination has always been a vast aray of colour, snaping me from reality and taking me to places i have always longed to go.

Being called names and looking stupid always made me sad, i think back now though and i look at it differently. If i hadn't been caught up in that, who would i be? The answer is different. I wouldn't have been interested in art, i wouldn't be as understanding and compelled to try to show the world how much beauty can be found in everything. I guess i just wouldn't be who i am.

I dream whilst awake and i'll never be sorry for that, I'll never be sorry for who i am.

Running around London with my Lover on a March afternoon.
There will always be peace in Urban places.

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